The future of computing

The release of the new iPad Pro, coupled with Apple communications trying to sell old PC users to iPad sparked some new debates on whatever this platform will overtake the world given the proper tools (the most realistic one being Xcode for iPad and the ability to side load apps (on which I don’t agree but whatever)). I initially wanted to unleash my (hotter) take on Twitter but instead decided to take some time to put it down in clearer words.

Do I think that PCs in general are going to get hurt by tablets? Yes. They already were by smartphones. Do I think that tablets will replace the roles the PC held despite smartphones? In some extent.

However, I don’t believe that PC are going to die, simply because mainframe and workstation still exist today, despite smaller and cheaper computing platforms destroying the hegemony of their time. Just like in those two cases, the large majority of their users will move to a new, cheaper, simpler solution because they don’t need the unique advantages of the platform.

Moore’s law is amazing, and despite whatever the press may say is not going away anytime soon. However, a 30W chip is still a 30W chip, no matter what you can fit in a 5W component, it’ll not beat a chip with 6× the thermal headroom (and I’m not even talking about the 90W-140W chips you can find on high-end desktop computers). If you need raw power to compute, compile, render…, the cloud isn’t going to cut it either (hi mainframes, long time no see) because of its repeated costs that make it a deal breaker for any young enthusiast for work purposes (tablets are not a great replacement either because of battery/computing power constraints).

The platform constraints also makes it hard to envision a future where a game as long and complex than Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous or even Mass Effect could see the light of day (I have yet to see a commercial success sold 60€ of the AppStore just like on gaming consoles. And don’t even get me started on the size of the market, we know that iPad users don’t like to pay significantly more than iPhone users. The only games making a buck use IAP because nothing else really works on iOS). Pro tools are also a long stretch, only getting longer with time.

In my opinion, the worst case scenario for PC is that tablets get their acts together, and cannibalize the light laptop market (Macbook, Macbook Air, maybe 13″ Macbook Pro) and a significant portion of the desktop market (though the external display support and alternative inputting sources will need work) but won’t be able to take down the heavy duty, 1000+€ range of the PC & laptop market.

The question isn’t « can a tablet do what a PC can? » but « can a tablet do it better than a PC », and so far, more often than not, the answer is « not really ».

Again, I want to state this is only my opinion.

Music or keeping the stream of thought intact despite interruption

While working this afternoon on a system while being especially focused, I received a couple of IM, and reading them was enough to make me loose the thought of what I was trying to code.

However, the time for the song I had on my headphone to loop back (a short very catchy song, that future reversers of Rakshata may stumble upon) was enough not only to bring me back to the thought of the system architecture but also to bring my typing speed back to what it was before the notification (the most significant consequence of the distraction was a brutal decrease of my speed).

It happened a couple of time the during the session and I’m wondering if this was simply a coincidence or if this also happened to you.


Care to comment?

Twitter vs RSS

Twitter and RSS can seems to have a pretty close usage: keep up with someone/thing else activity (I won’t talk about Facebook here because I don’t use it), and since major website are on Twitter, there is literally nothing you can’t do with Twitter. The opposite is not true but for a 15 years old standard, this is not a big surprise.

However, I still check several times a day my RSS client to check about news and various other source of data, and I often see people not understanding why keeping two separate sources: all this websites are available on Twitter, so why bother with more sources? I’ll try to answer this here.

I. I read my whole timeline

I don’t follow many people, but I really consider every single one and read everything, which may sometimes take a lot of time. Usually, I get between 100 and 150 tweets in the morning and as I don’t have much time, so I’ve to keep the Time per Tweet as low as possible. Usually, links end up in Pocket and I catch up on them later. However, I can’t throw daily news on Pocket because they’ll either get obsolete quickly, or just makes it impossible to catch up on other interesting stuffs.

II. Time management

I don’t check feedly as I check Twitter, I know I spend ~ 10 seconds by tweets and Pocket can handle external ressources. However, I know that checking ~50 elements on feedly can easily take an hour, so I’ve a look at it when I know I can read the whole thing and have a lot of available time. Merging them would prevent me to catch up.

I had to write something so here is it, I’ll probably add things to this post when I think about them but this is the core idea: time management.

I was trying to write a much bigger article but I lost inspiration so, this is all we have :/

Seriously, I need to write more

Well, I know this blog is quite dead lately…  this is due to three elements:

– Lack of time: I’m setting pretty awesome things up

– Lack of topics: Even if I deal with a bunches of things, most of them are related to cryptography and I don’t want to disclose too much details about Rakshata’s cryptosystem. I’m sadly not good enough to create a system which wouldn’t have to rely at least a little bit on obscurity to stay ‘secure’

– Self-censorship: I became a big brony since a few months (I guess that anyone following my post on Rakshata’s website guessed it) so I try not to flood this blog with everything related to those awesome creatures but that participate to the lack of topics to talk about.


I’m still pretty active on twitter (here) and I’ll try to figure out interesting topics about which I can actually add anything to actual knowledges. but I sadly can’t promise anything :-/


See you in ~ 6 months 😉



Chromium Update

Edit 26/02/2013: Updated to launch the binary itself

Edit 16/06/2016: Moved the code to Github

I used to be a proud user of Firefox but updates after updates, the slowness finally kicked me out of its userbase
After that, I started to look for something else. And there is only one big opponent to Firefox: Chrome… But well, there is an issue.

I’m not a big fan of Google.

I use some Google services like Gmail (even if on my 4 email address, I host 3 on my server), YouTube, Reader (not for long, I’m looking for something else) and Search but I stopped to use Drive and other services.

The main reason is that I’m against their business model: they make money with what they know about you.
I’ve an iPhone, 3 computers running W7 (maybe one W8 update someday) and Fedora but nothing from Google.
Why pay for a phone twice more expensive than an Android device? Google. I read an interesting blog post some times ago: « The main difference between Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft is that Apple and Microsoft want to sell devices and/or software. Amazon want you to buy things on their website and Google to show you ads. ». When you buy an Apple/MS product, they are happy, when you buy a Kindle/Android thing, it just the beginning.

But, I want a new good browser!


Chromium is the OpenSource project under Chrome: Google takes Chromium source code, add few proprietary API and tracking stuffs then change the logo and release it.

Great! I found my new best browser… but everything seems too amazing, a little bit like when you finish a math test at the half of the time, it must be a trick somewhere…

No auto-update 🙁

Chrome can update himself, silently and quite fast but it seems to be a part of the Google code because Chromium can’t. And if you’re, like me, quite paranoiac about security, it’s a huge issue, does that mean that I’ll have to find a new browser, when I was so close to find my goal?

Nah, I’m not a developer for nothing, I can create something to update Chromium.

I spent few hours to figure out how everything work and I made a small updater. It’s not perfect, only work on Windows, need to be compiled for every computer and can’t start the update itself but it works.
Details are on the README file

Grab the file here

It’s not on github because I’m a git-noob but you can submit your patches 🙂

Enjoy and tell me what you think about it

Taiki ~