Hello guys!

So, today is my first blog post, english isn’t my native langage so you’ll probably find a lot of mistakes.

I’m here to talk about AES. If you don’t know what is AES, well check that.

As Rijndael is an open algorithm, you may find it’s source code but the hardest part start here: implement it inside a bigger programm. I spent a couple of days to understand how to implement it and when I finally found the way, I decided to make a short script which allow the user to encrypt/decrypt a file: you provide the file, the output file (may be created by the script), the password and the script finish the job. I compiled a version for windows but sources are in the package and compile it is easy: you just have to remove the « #define WINDOWS » in main.c then it’ll work on Linux/Mac OSX. No dependencies, just enjoy :


Download bin + sources: download
Well, it’s the end of that post, told me if you liked it :)